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I recently hired Roslyn to tackle a project that had sat on my desk way too long. I just didn’t have the time or manpower to accomplish it myself. I called Roz and asked (begged) for her help and I was not disappointed. She got straight to work, accomplished what I needed with little to no direction from me. Having this chore removed from my work space meant the world to me.  It needed done and Roz got it accomplished. It will ultimately save me money so paying her for this service was a no brainer.
Thanks Roz, I will be back. I am grateful for your help.

Jodi B.

We had a chicken BBQ fundraiser for our church. Roz made the whole process so easy from tickets to the amount to order to the day of the fundraiser. So happy we were able to work with her. Highly recommend and will definitely work with her again.

Lisa B.

I was looking for life insurance and decided to call Roslyn. The nice thing is she is local to the community and will do her best to help you.

Melvin C. 

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